Swagelining talks to Offshore Magazine about the new polymer connector improving pipeline corrosion mitigation


Allan Feeney and Chris Woods of Swagelining talk to Offshore Magazine about how recent progress in polymer lining technology offers a step-change in the battle against internal pipeline corrosion.

Research suggests that more than half (51%) of all failures in traditional oil and gas pipelines are due to internal corrosion. The failure of any pipeline presents business risk, from loss of production to cost of correction. Deeper water projects and more aggressive fluids have traditionally led to increased pipeline and riser wall thickness. However alternative mitigation options are evolving at pace to remove the risk and lower the cost of pipeline ownership. The past decade has seen a rapid advance in the development and qualification of polymer materials as an internal lining for carbon steel pipelines. Allan and Chris explain the progress in this area and the growing benefits of integrated polymer lining systems.