Polymer lining technology for pipeline and riser systems.
What we do


Joint industry projects

Swagelining are willing to participate in, or lead Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) where the objective is to further evolve existing polymer liner technology or to develop polymer liner solutions for client specific challenges.

We are also ready to support technical developments in other engineering disciplines that might enhance polymer liner system performance to meet the requirements of more onerous applications.

Feasibility studies

Whether a project involves a new or existing pipeline, a range of development options are evaluated for inclusion in the pipeline system concept before Front End Engineering Design (FEED) can commence.

Working with project FEED engineers, our experts  can provide the inputs required to optimise the polymer liner design and installation process while maximising the benefits of the integrated lining system in operation.

During this initial FEED phase, Swagelining will address the technical and operational challenges while also considering the local delivery capability including construction planning using local resources.

Pre-Qualification Testing

Swagelining are highly experienced in delivering Pre-Qualification Testing (PQT) for polymer liner delivery projects.

Working closely with the client, our team tailor the PQT to suit the specific requirements of the project with the aim of giving the client the utmost confidence that the polymer liner solution is fit for purpose.

For technology projects, we adopt a methodical approach which utilises industry guidance provided by API and DNV GL to ensure new technology developments gain industry wide acceptance on completion of the design, development and qualification processes.

In areas of new technology, we will work with clients to develop and establish new test methods and acceptance criteria where necessary.

Integrated Liner System installation

Swagelining have been installing integrated liner systems since 1995 with over 30 projects completed to date. Our integrated liner system offers clients a complete solution encompassing all required components for corrosion resistant high pressure pipelines:

  • Polymer lining – provides a 50 year internal corrosion barrier
  • Connectors – LinerBridge® joins pipeline stalks together to provide a continuous end to end polymer corrosion barrier
  • InsuLine Sleeves™ – provides heat protection should high temperature field joint coatings be specified
  • End terminations – Flanged or PLET’s installed onshore or offshore using LinerBridge®

Liner installations are completed in accordance with project liner designs that have been established using the clients’ design concept and proven through the project pre-qualification testing phase.

Offshore pipeline cut-to-length requirements are accommodated within the integrated liner system using offshore installation of LinerBridge® within the lay-ramp of the installation vessel.

All installations are completed in line with proven Swagelining methods while adhering to the highest subsea industry HSEQ policies and procedures.

Liner integrity management consulting services

The integrity of the integrated liner system is vital to its ability to provide a corrosion barrier for the carbon steel host pipe for the duration of its service life.  For this reason, we make every effort to address items which could potentially impact on its condition throughout the client project.

At the design stage, our engineers will evaluate the potential impact of the site location and environmental conditions and make the necessary provisions.

For any complex operational requirements polymer test pieces can be installed within the flow medium allowing periodic coupon sampling to take place. Swagelining can evaluate the material properties of any recovered polymer coupons to confirm any aging process of the polymer liner.