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Swagelining is the world’s leading polymer lining specialist for subsea pipelines. We focus on supporting the oil and gas industry to eliminate internal corrosion, the main cause of pipeline failure.
Who we are

Innovation. It's in our DNA.

Our Vision
We believe in making subsea fluid transport systems more sustainable by offering a cost-efficient corrosion resistant pipeline solution for all types of rigid pipeline systems.

Our Mission
Through collaborative development with pipeline owners and empowering innovation within our people we aim to make corrosion resistant pipeline products that reduce asset lifetime cost, maximise asset uptime and facilitate enhanced oil recovery to maximise reservoir value.We will focus on quality and safety in the delivery of our sustainable pipeline systems and will ensure service excellence through continuous improvement.

Who we are


We are a technology-focused company with a mission to re-shape the pipeline industry and bring corrosion resistant pipelines to the next level. Over half of pipelines fail due to internal corrosion. We provide subsea pipeline owners with much greater, long-term certainty by protecting pipelines from internal corrosion caused by transported fluids.

Water Injection

Current global offshore water injection is about three times oil production and by 2030 is expected to approach a total of 500 million barrels of water per day, seven times more than oil production. The scale of the water injection flowline market and the opportunity for improvements and ‘changing the game’ are significant.

Extending Applications

As we looked to expand the value we could offer, it was soon clear that we first had to invent various technologies to make this possible and that those technologies could do much more. Our technologies are now well placed to disrupt the pipeline industry, redefining the boundaries to ensure the full subsea pipeline architecture is within scope. This now includes all fluid services, dynamic riser application and all installation methods.

Our technology, know-how and drive for sustainability will lead the polymer revolution of the pipeline industry.